It’s All About Energy

Everything on this planet is comprised of energy. With that in mind, we believe that what we put on and in our bodies should be of the utmost benefit to us. Plants are full of life giving nourishment, for both inside and outside. We take care in using herbs and essential oils that are of the most benefit not only to our physical wellbeing, but also the properties that affect our mental and spiritual wellbeing. When problems arise in energy fields around our bodies called Auras, if not dealt with, they can have a negative impact on our physical wellbeing. This is why we have included ‘Environment’ in our repertoire of products and include it as part of Total Wellbeing. Our environment can affect us physically, but the impact our environment has on our spiritual and emotional levels can go unnoticed. Have you ever felt drained after having an encounter with a negative person or been in a negative environment for too long? Our home is our sanctuary, and whether it be for your home or anywhere else you go, it is important to have some control over your aura and the energies that surround you.

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Total Wellbeing: Body + Mind + Spirit + Environment